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Visa for employment in Poland Will issue a work permit Foreigners who arrive in Poland legally with a work visa can apply for a temporary residence and work permit. The document is issue by the voivode according to the single application proceure. How to issue a work permit in Poland . Register at the nearest Voivodeship Office department for foreigners. . Prepare the necessary package of documents Application for temporary residence two copies. Four photos that meet visa requirements. Valid passport original and copy. Payment of state tax. Meical Insurance. Job invitation from a Polish employer.

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Depending on the circumstances management employees may ask to provide additional documents. . Translate all necessary documents into Polish. . Submit the documents to the nearest voivodeship pay the duty and wait for a response. A foreigner receives one document that allows both to stay and to work in Poland. A temporary residence Finland WhatsApp Number List permit in Poland is valid from one to three years. It cannot be extende but you can reapply for a permit before it expires. After five years you can apply for a permanent residence permit. The second type of residence and work permit in Poland is the EU Blue Card. This is a permit for highly qualifie professionals who are citizens of nonEU countries. Read more about the document and the registration proceure at the link.

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Importantly In order to be able to work legally in Poland you must first of all be employe on the basis of an employment or civil law contract. Citizens of which countries do not nee a work permit in Poland Since Poland is part of the European Union citizens of EU countries as well as Switzerland Norway and Great Britain can work in Poland without Vietnam Phone Number List special permits. In addition citizens of Armenia BelarusGeorgiaMoldovans or Ukrainians do not nee to apply for a work permit if they intend to work in Poland for no longer than months a year as a seasonal worker.

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