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Will fill out only a few applications. Who will not be able to get a work permit in Poland The following categories of foreigners do not have the right to issue a work permit If the employer is locate outside of Poland. To those who are in Poland on the basis of obligations establishe by international agreements regarding the entry and temporary stay of foreigners who carry out commercial operations or investments. Have a business in Poland. Perform seasonal work in Poland. Arrive in Poland on the basis of a tourist visa or to visit family or friends.

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How much does it cost to obtain a residence and work permit in Poland The cost of a temporary residence and work permit is Consular fee zlotys The fee for issuing a residence permit is PLN . The most popular professions in Poland for foreigners France WhatsApp Number List Engineering industrial and production engineers concrete engineers glass engineers and electrical engineers. Doctors and nurses. IT sector computer systems analysts information systems development specialists network and multimeia programmers application programmers designers database administrators etc. Scope of services employees of the hotel and restaurant sector sellers couriers.

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Construction and repair specialists painters concrete workers flooring specialists plasterers. How can a foreigner find a job in Poland Most expats look. For jobs in Poland online here are some of the most popular sites Worksop JobPolska Career in Poland Oferty.raca Praca. Indee CareerJet . The Worlds Most Powerful Passport The Complete List Expats Africa Phone Number List Travels Share. The Worlds Most Powerful Passport The Complete List When choosing a country. For obtaining a second passport it is worth paying attention to the number. Of countries that a citizen can freely visit without a visa. Find out more about the passports of the countries that were recognize as the best in An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside your home country.

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