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Of your safety and peaceful stay outside your home country BUY Freeom of travel is of great importance in the life of a modern person. After the lifting of travel restrictions relate to the epidemic of COVID the issue of visafree entry is again gaining popularity among tourists and expats. The number of countries that a citizen can freely visit is one of the key factors for choosing a country to move to or obtain a second passport. Many criteria have been develope to assess the strength of a passport but the most indicative is the list of destinations to which holders of the most convenient passports in the world can travel without a visa.

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So which countries passports are recognize as the best in Lets talk further. Rating of the most travelfriendly passports in The Henley Passport Index is a quarterly ranking of the worlds most powerful passports base on the number of Georgia WhatsApp Number List countries a passport holder can enter without a visa. For evaluation the index uses data from the International Air Transport Association IATA and analyzes passports and destinations. For five long years Japan occupie the first place in the ranking but in the summer of the country droppe to second place from now on the ranking looks like this st place Singapore became the new owner of the title of the most powerful passport in the world because.

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Its citizens can visit out of destinations around the world without a visa which is equivalent to of countries. nd place Japan took second place Australia Phone Number List providing its citizens with visafree access to destinations. rd place Germany Italy South Korea and Spain share the third place in the ranking. For citizens of these countries entry to countries is visafree. th place Austria Finland Luxembourg and Sween destinations. th place Denmark France Ireland Netherlands Great Britain destinations. th place Belgium the Czech Republic New Zealand Norway Portugal and Switzerland destinations.

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