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With destinations. th place Canada Greece Hungary and Poland destinations. th place USA destinations. th place Lithuania Slovakia with destinations. That is there are almost countries in the world whose citizens have the right to free entry to most destinations. Having receive a passport of one of these states you can significantly simplify personal travel rules. How to do it How to get citizenship of countries with the best passports Most of the countries in the ranking of countries with the strongest passports have rather complex requirements for obtaining citizenship.

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For example after analyzing the list you can come to the conclusion that for the maximum freeom of travel it is necessary to obtain Japanese citizenship . However this proceure can be quite difficult for most expats. Requirements for Germany WhatsApp Number List applicants to obtain Japanese citizenship Foreigners over the age of can become Japanese citizens through naturalization. To be eligible you must have live in the country for at least five years renounce any previous citizenship demonstrate that you have a job or sufficient income understand Japanese culture and customs and speak Japanese fluently.

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The proceure for obtaining citizenship in other countries from the rating of the most convenient passports for travel In general the most Belgium Phone Number List popular option for obtaining a passport that can provide freeom of movement is obtaining citizenship through naturalization. To do this you nee to move to the country and get a temporary or permanent residence permit after years you can apply for citizenship. During this period foreigners will already be able to enjoy the advantages of life in a new country. It is also possible to obtain citizenship by birth marriage or descent.

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