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Every year thousands of foreigners come to work in Poland because the country has many workplaces with favorable conditions. However before starting your career in the state you should take care of all the necessary documents. How can foreigners legally get a job in Poland We tell in detail in our material. Why do expats choose Poland to move to Poland is a member of the EU so expats will have the right not only to work in a country with a high standard of living but also to travel to neighboring countries at any time without the nee for a visa. The average salary in Poland is over per month.

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Also certain professions do not require a high level of qualification. Workers are guarantee to earn twice as much in Poland than in many other countries of the world. Polands economy is stable so foreigners can count on a safe future. The labor policy Estonia WhatsApp Number List of the state guarantees that your salary will not decrease but only steadily increase. How is it legal to work in Poland To work in Poland a foreigner must first obtain a work visa to enter the country and then obtain a residence permit with the right to work. types of work visas are approve in Poland Type A is the most popular type of work visa in the country. It is receive by foreigners who are employe under an employment contractcivil law contract with a Polish employer.

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Tell In Detail In Our Material

Type B this work permit is valid if you are a board member. Of a company and plan to stay. In the country for a total period not exceeing months USA Phone Number List during the year. Type C foreigners whose employer sends them. To Poland for more than days in a calendar year to work in a branch or department can apply for this permit. Type D you are entitle to this visa if your foreign employer cannot open a branch or subsidiary in Poland but temporarily sends you to work in Poland in the field of export services. Type E foreigners whose activities do not fall under any of the above visa types can apply for this permit.

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