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Why immigrants can be deported from Germany and tips on how to avoid these troubles Learn more about Germany Learn more about Germany CLICK HERE According to the EU Asylum Agency Germany accounts for almost of the total number of refugees in Europe. It is extremely difficult for the country to overcome the insane influx of refugees. This highlights the lack of housing jobs and resources for the integration of migrants into society. For example the shortage of places in kindergartens is and schools need at least teachers. In particular the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Germany reports that more than million migrants from Ukraine were in the country as of August.

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In the statistics of asylum seekers. This is due to their special status of temporary protection. But Ukraine is not the only crisis region with Indonesia Phone Number List an influx of refugees. The Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees reports that as of asylum applications have been submitted in Germany. of this number are men. Refusal of an asylum application Almost migrants in Germany have received an official order to leave the country. Most of them have the status of Duldung which allowed the deportation to be postponed for certain reasons.

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The citizenship of almost illegal migrants. The most common reasons for delaying deportation include . Serious illnesses and health problems confirmed by official certificates . Dangerous situation in the migrants country of origin . Lack of identity documents . Reluctance of the country of origin to accept the migrant back. Another problem is that Indonesia Whatsapp Number persons with the status of Duldung do not have the right to legal employment. The burden of their provision rests on the shoulders of the state. According to data for June about people received deportation orders. Of them only people officially left the country. Who is subject to deportation from Germany For a legal stay in Germany it is necessary to obtain a residence permit Aufenthaltserlaubnis receive a temporary permit.

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