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To public health insurance are entitled to take out a private insurance policy in Germany. Individual coverage a private health insurance policy can be tailored to the specific needs of a foreigner. An expat can choose from a variety of plans and options that offer different levels of coverage deductible amounts and additional benefits. Service in private hospitals owners of this policy get access to a wider network of medical service providers including hospitals with Englishspeaking staff. The amount of the monthly insurance premium depends on the patients age state of health as well as selected insurance risks and the company.

The cost of the policy may

Increase depending on inflationary adjustments or the age of the insured person. Additional insurance a private insurance policy can be us together with a public. Insurance policy as an additional one to expand. The list of insurance risks and get India Phone Number List additional benefits. What risks does a health insurance policy cover in Germany Insurance risks covered by compulsory health insurance in Germany are regulated by German law. According to the document each state insurance agent covers the same list of services Outpatient care. Inpatient treatment. Reimbursement of the cost of medicines.

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Management of pregnancy and childbirth

Basic dental support . Medical equipment and devices. The components of private insurance may differ depending on the type of policy but each document includes basic services outpatient care inpatient treatment pregnancy and childbirth management dental care. What medical services are not cover by insurance in Germany covers cosmetic India Whatsapp Number procedures plastic surgery. Infertility treatment dental prosthetics experimental treatment alternative methods of treatment health procedures spa care nonprescription medical drugs. What the average cost of a health insurance policy in Germany . State medical insurance The base rate is . of salary plus additional bonuses up. Thus as your salary increases. So do your health insurance contributions although.

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