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Key rules of state health insurance for foreign workers. To whom does it apply Every expat working in Germany is requir to take out a state health insurance policy. Only foreigners whose income exceeds euros per year or euros per month are entitl to a private policy. Amount of contributions basic rate of . of salary plus additional bonuses up to . Thus as your salary increases so do your health insurance contributions although they are capped when your income reaches per month. The employer is obliged to cover of the cost of the health insurance policy.

The other half is deducted

Directly from the expats salary. Health Insurance Funds In total there are public health insurance providers Krankenkassen in Germany to choose from. Each insurance agent covers the same list of services but they may differ in terms of Taiwan Phone Number List additional services and customer support. Foreign workers have the right to choose a health insurance fund that will meet your needs and preferences. Universal health care system regardless of citizenship or employment status every foreigner in Germany receives the same right to medical care as citizens of the country.

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You can seek medical help

From doctors specialists and hospitals within the insurance network. Automatic registration when an employer registers a foreigner. In the taxpayer system he automatically becomes a member of the state health care system. A little later the Taiwan Whatsapp Number expat will able to get a health insurance card Versichertenkarte which can be present when seeking medical help. Private health insurance for foreign workers Private health insurance Private Krankenversicherung PKV is an alternative to the state policy which allows you to choose coverage with additional benefits but it has its own characteristics. Employees whose salary exceeds euros per year as well as selfemployed persons. With high incomes freelancers students senior citizens or those who are not entitl.

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