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They are capped when your income reaches per month to cover of the cost of the health insurance policy. That is the employee can expect that . will be deducted from his salary for insurance. . Private health insurance The cost of a private health insurance policy depends on the level of coverage individual factors and selected insurance risks. In particular the price is influenced by age state of health desired coverage and selected insurance company.  The most common reasons ranges from to euros. Can I choose the type of health insurance.

Only expats whose salary

Exceeds euros per year or selfemployed persons can choose between public and private insurance. Other categories of foreign workers are required to Malaysia Phone Number List have a state health insurance policy. Can I use the European Health Insurance Card EHIC in Germany EU and EEA citizens have the right to use the European Health Insurance Card EHIC to receive medical care while working in Germany. Also citizens of Great Britain can get a doctors consultation on the basis of a GHIC card. However this is only possible for a shortterm stay.

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Europeans who plan to work

Germany on a permanent basis are requir to register. With the German health care system or purchase a private insurance policy. Deportation from Germany the main reasons and how to avoid it to rfugees to refugees popular Expats GERMANY Share Malaysia Whatsapp Number Deportation from Germany the main reasons and how to avoid it Deportation from any country is a serious problem. The most for immigrants and Germany is no exception. For many who have come to Germany in search of a better life and opportunities deportation can be their worst nightmare. Learn more about the main reasons.

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