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Candidates can be inventors who have at least one patent approve by the UAE Ministry of Economy scientists with ten years of work experience and at least one prestigious international award or grant doctors with at least years of work experience who have outstanding merits in their field creative talents investors. Only royal or official persons of the UAE can nominate for citizenship then the candidacy must be supporte by the Cabinet of Ministers. Wealthy foreigners can make an investment in the UAE economy and obtain first a residence permit in the country and later citizenship.

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UAE residence permit for investors To obtain a residence permit in the UAE a foreigner must purchase a residential building apartment hotel rooms townhouse villa office or warehouse. It is allowe to invest only in buildings that are locate in the Hong Kong Telegram Number Data freehold zone. Depending on the amount of investment a residence permit can be obtaine for or years. years the minimum real estate value is from in the event that a family invests . years when buying a home in the amount of or more. Requirements for investors age over years absence of criminal convictions and dangerous diseases HIV hepatitis or tuberculosis.

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Family members are eligible for a visa if they also meet these requirements. In addition to the spousehusband unmarrie sons under the age of and daughters of any age can be adde to the application. They get the same rights as the investor. The proceure for obtaining a residence permit in the UAE base on investment takes about months to Hong Kong Phone Number List draw up documents purchase real estate undergo a meical examination at one of the UAE clinics and submit an application. Golden visa in the UAE In April the Government of the UAE approve the proceure of the Golden Visa program which expande the list of applicants who can receive a residence permit in the UAE An entrepreneur can get a golden visa if he is the owner or partner in a small or meiumsize business registere in the UAE.

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