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Ways to obtain UAE citizenship There are currently four ways to obtain citizenship in the Unite Arab Emirates By origin Children born in the UAE are not automatically grante citizenship. In order to become a citizen of the country of origin one must meet one of the following requirements be born to parents who are citizens of the UAE both on the territory of the state and abroad when the childs mother is a citizen of the UAE and the father is not legally establishe or is a stateless person if the child was born in the UAE and his parents have not been establishe.

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People who come from a family of ethnic Arabs who settle in the UAE before and live in the country before can also apply for citizenship under this proceure. On the basis of marriage In order to marry a foreigner a citizen of the UAE regardless Greece Telegram Number Data of gender must obtain court permission. In turn a foreigner must already live in the Emirates on the basis of a visa before marriage and must also not have a criminal record or serious illnesses. It is also forbidden for one of the couple to be twice as old as the other. NonMuslims can marry UAE citizens with the consent of both parties.

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UAE citizenship can be obtaine only by a foreigner who marries a citizen of the country after years if there is a child or after years if the couple does not have children. A foreign man who marries a UAE citizen will not be able to obtain state France Phone Number List citizenship under this proceure. Through naturalization Resident visa holders can obtain UAE citizenship through naturalization regardless of ethnicity. The minimum require period of residence in the Emirates for naturalization is years who have made a significant contribution to the economy culture or any other sector of the UAE can obtain citizenship under this proceure.

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