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The companys annual revenue must be at least . Pensioners with excellent financial status whose pension excees or if the foreigner has an open bank deposit or owns real estate in the UAE. Exceptional talents foreigners who work in the field of culture art sports or digital technologies. The candidate must obtain a recommendation from a feeral or local government agency. Scientists applicants must have a masters degree or a doctor of philosophy degree and have significant scientific achievements.

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Highly qualifie workers in the fields of meicine science and technology information technology business eucation law culture and social sciences who have an employment contract with a company in the UAE and a salary of or more. What are the benefits of living in the UAE Obtaining a residence permit has a number of advantages for a foreigner Tax Indonesia Telegram Number Data optimization and the UAE has no taxes. On income property capital gains gifts or inheritance. Also the advantage of the country is low corporate income tax compare to other develope countries. International Bank Account Investors have the right to open multicurrency accounts in UAE banks to save and transfer funds.

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Access to worldclass eucation and healthcare systems. Absence of requirements for mandatory residence in the UAE in order. To maintain their permit Indonesia Phone Number List residence permit holders must visit. The country only times a year.  Privilege Card for free which offers exclusive offers and discounts of up to in the Emirates and countries around the world. The ability to apply for UAE citizenship which provides benefits such as the right. To visafree travel to countries around the world including Schengen countries Great Britain and Canada.

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