The Treasury negotiates an agreement with Xabi Alonso

They will have to demonstrate that there has been no intention to defraud in the amounts they have stoppe paying to the Tax Agency. Where and when the Soccer World Cup on television Alfonso Rus moves to jump from politics to the presidency the Treasury of Valencia CF Mediapro .  Cut 300 million debt Iker Casillas, David Villa and Xabi Alonso. Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema… are not the only soccer stars in Spain investigate by the Tax Agency. Other elite national athletes have also just now entere the list, such as Iker Casillas, Xabi Alonso and David Villa. They will try to reach an agreement with the Treasury to avoid a million-dollar fine.

A minimum of seven would be affected

Among them, Iker Casillas, goalkeeper for Real Madrid and the Spanish team, who recently had to pay the treasury some two million euros . Also include Denmark Phone Number List  paid service. So, you can buy Denmark phone n  in the list of those inspecte are Real Madrid midfielder, Xabi Alonso; and Atlético de Madrid forward, David Villa. According to sources close to tax advisors familiar with the matter, the inspection plans to consider that in the case of these three players, unlike, for example, what the Tax Agency and the Prosecutor’s Office assesse in the case of Leo Messi, there has been no desire to defraud the Treasury . Regarding the Argentine player of FC Barcelona, ​​it was demonstrate even by the Prosecutor’s Office, that he had complex tax engineering and companies in tax havens.

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This reason, they assure, is what will allow them to escape

If no new discrepancies appear during the course of the inspection, from having their file process as a crime and reach a settlement agreement with the Treasury by paying the amount defraude and the interest generate. . In this way they seek, above all, to save  France Phone Number List  themselves from a million-dollar penalty for tax fraud that could seriously affect their image.Charge with the crime of tax fraud following a complaint file by the Barcelona Economic Crimes Prosecutor’s Office, which accuse her of defrauding her declaration for .The entity has already begun to send information letters to all its clients to explain the changes in the bank’s new commercial strategy.

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