Iberdrola and Endesa challenge to the Government is going to cost

They will have to pay more in environmental taxes this year after challenging the Executive that they were going to stop investing in Spain iberdrola and Endesa due to the high tax pressure Another scare on the electricity bill: you will have to pay a fixed monthly fee to connect to the network Turning off the electricity in summer residences will be expensive: reconnecting will cost 200 euros The electricity companies are going to focus on washing their image: discounts on electricity and advertising campaigns Attention, consumers: smart electricity meters reveal confidential user data Minister Soria and Alberto Nadal. Minister Soria and Alberto Nadal. The war between electricity companies and the Government continues. The Executive plans to collect million more this year in environmental taxes.

Specifically the amount the Executive plans

Iberdrola sells its distribution subsidiary in Spain The sources iberdrola and Endesa  that ECD has contacted do not hesitate to relate this new tax burden to the recent announcements by the two main Spanish Canada Phone Number List electricity companies to reduce their investments in Spain . “A scenario that the Government has not quite fitted,” highlights a senior official in the electricity sector. Iberdrola announced after presenting its 2013 results in London, not without some controversy, that it was going to reduce its investments in Spain after the increase in regulatory burdens introduced by the Government’s energy reform.

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Endesa reduces its investments

The minimum necessary Likewise, Enel will freeze investments in its subsidiary Endesa in at 600 million euros and will limit them to those it iberdrola and Endesa considers “mandatory .  This was also explain to analysts in March by the group’s then CEO Conti . the period investments Estonia Phone Number List are estimated at million is 300 million those planned for the five-year period . The sector has already complained about a fiscal pressure of billion The employers’ association Unesa estimated the taxes paid in total last year by the five large companies that make up the association (Iberdrola, Endesa, Gas Natural, EDP and Eon) at 4.6 billion euros .

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