Advertising with a burning PP ballot provokes

The photovoltaic companies have inserte a full page in national newspapers with a burning ballot box and accusing the Government of “having deceive them” Telecinco , Antena Vocento and Unidad Editorial declare war on Minister Soria Minister Soria’s advertising with legislative priorities leave the reopening of Garoña in the air “If we want to kill Minister Soria, it will take us a week.” The television networks handle a dossier to end the head of Industry Telecinco and accuse El Mundo and ABC of being lukewarm in the attack against Soria Announcement by the National Association of Photovoltaic Energy Producers against the Government’s energy reform.

The announcement is signe by the National

Association of Photovoltaic Energy Producers . He also assures that “in 2011 many of the photovoltaic producers vote for them and the Popular Party came to power .” He continues his attack by claiming that “they had promise us legal security in their speeches and Brazil Phone Number List parliamentary interventions, but they deceive us . Very soon we realize that they prefer to maintain an energy system that is favorable to the electricity oligopoly at the expense of legal security the environment and social well-being,” they say. Formal complaint of the PP Leaders of the PP and senior government officials.

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Sources from the national leadership

the Popular Party have also confirme to ECD that, late this has presente a letter to the Central Electoral Board to study whether the advertisement should China Phone Number List  be withdrawn. The PP, however, will not make public complaints about this matter either because “it is not convenient to get into this garden . ” Surprise in Industry ECD also wante to know the opinion of the Ministry of Industry . This legislature has been the department in charge of piloting the energy reform that has revolte photovoltaic producers, and also other sectors such as the electrical sector. But at the time of going to press, there had been no response from anyone responsible for the ministry by José Manuel Soria.

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