It took Brufau two months to convince La Caixa

An intense discussion ensueabout his lack of experience in managing a large multinational. Nemesio Fernández-Cuesta was the company’s  it took Brufau president’s plan B Investors  by Antón Parera present an offer to buy the Cajasol basketball club from La Caixa Artur Mas will not allow . Repsol to bury the Petrocat brand at gas stations in Catalonia . How Repsol will look for oil from the Canary Islands Banco Santander and Caixabank request the sales notebook of the Barclays subsidiary in Spain Antonio Brufau and Josu Jon Imaz. Antonio Brufau and Josu Jon Imaz.La Caixa and Sacyr have supporte the appointment of Josu Jon Imaz as CEO of Repsol.

Doubts in La Caixa and Sacyr with Imaz

The negotiations have been carrie out with the utmost discretion .  Say people familiar with the contacts. Reason: Antonio Brufau himself did not have it France Phone Number List all with him. . A scenario that has pose a tough battle between the oil company’s main shareholders in recent weeks. Behind it . They reveal there are many hours of intense conversations between the first leaders of Repsol . La Caixa and Sacyr to reach an agreement on the promotion of Imaz . Intense discussion about its suitability The sources on the company’s Board to which ECD .

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Despite his excellent training as a chemist

La Caixa and Sacyr who considere that the CEO position could be too big for him . It must be taken into account that his new responsibility requires carrying out . The day-to-day operations and management of a large multinational like Repsol . After that, nemesio Germany Phone Number List Fernández Cuesta on the bench But Antonio Brufau had a plan B. He was aware that it was not going to be easy to win this fight against Fainé and Manuel Manrique to ‘place’ Imaz. After that, the other strong name that the president of Repsol had on the table was that of Nemesio Fernández Cuesta . Until now he serve as the oil company’s number two although without the functions of a CEO.

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