The Chinese millionaire wants to know what he can

Wang Jianlin has hired two engineering consultancies to learn about the options allowed by law and to get the most out of the skyscraper. Do you want the new Spanish national team shirt? Twelve euros in the Chinese market The Del Pino family rejects offers of up to 200 million for National Geographic Florentino Pérez ‘sold’ ACS to China’s main millionaire Spain Building in Madrid. Spain Building in Madrid. Wang Jianlin continues with his preliminary studies of the operation before making the decision to present an offer to Banco de Santander for the España Building, the historic building located in the square of the same name in the capital. The Chinese millionaire does not want to hit a bone.

The president of the Community of Madrid Ignacio

González even spoke of an operation already close for 260 million euros , something that has not been confirme at the moment since there are several intereste investors but none have made that specific offer so far. The reason is that, before making that offer, and Venezuela Phone Number List  according to the industry sources consulte Jianlin does not want to take a wrong step and does not trust the information that the seller can give him. For this reason, he has hire  a Spanish engineering consultancy to explain in black and white what legal options the building offers to know what he can do in it. Legal consultation .

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 first of all he wants to have issues tied

whether he can expand the scarce parking underneath or not. Important issues before thinking about such an investment,” say sources in the sector. Currently the building is empty inside and the façade must be respected as it is. From there, the Chinese millionaire Hong Kong Phone Number List wants to know what room for maneuver local laws give him. The original Santander project included precisely a shopping center, a hotel and luxury apartments on the upper floors. As the newspaper reported , Santander has asked the Heritage Commission of the Community of Madrid to lower the level of protection of the building . This is what has been done in what is known as ‘Operation ‘, which Juan Miguel is building next to Puerta del Sol in Madrid, in the Plaza de .

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