The Treasury pursues donations disguised as loans

The trick consists of presenting transfers of money as fictitious creits to save the Inheritance Tax and the Property Transfer Tax. Treasury gives permission to the Interior to raise the salary of civil guards Montoro’s criticism of  forces Rajoy to show his face in The Treasury pursues Congress Rajoy has offere Artur Mas the creation of a ‘Catalan Treasury’ if he renounces the referendum Treasury rectifies: there will be a deadline until April 15 to domiciliate payments of VAT declarations Draft Income Tax Return. Draft Income Tax Return. The campaign to file the 2013 Income Tax return starte two weeks ago. Treasury inspectors have already detecte the first tricks used by some taxpayers to pay less taxes. Donations between family and friends are being thoroughly reviewe to prevent them from being presented as loans.

Tax Agency is carrying out detailed

Tax returns of those taxpayers whoThe Treasury pursues  have carried out important money transactions between family members and acquaintances in the last year. Some operations that, they say, have increased significantly with the crisis. Many grandparents, parents and even close Russia Phone Number List  friends are finding it necessary to help those closest to them. It is the only way for them to get ahead at this time after having lost their job , having to close their businesses, having been trapped in the Preferential, etc.[OBJECT] Donations disguiseas loans According to the sources consult these taxpayers are being investigate specifically, whether they have covertly passe off donations as loans in their personal income tax settlements. They explain that the Tax Law is clear in this sense.

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It is precisely what the Treasury relies

On to begin the reviews. It determines that there is a conflict between two taxes when there are “acts that are artificial or inappropriate for achieving the result obtained . ” The goal is to pay less taxes Precisely, the reason argued by the tax experts consulte by this Singapore Phone Number List  confidentiality to carry out this ruse is related to the payment of fewer taxes to the Treasury. While the donation is subject to the Inheritance and Donation Tax , the loan is exempt from the Property Transfer Tax and also the DocumentLegal Acts Tax. Document proving that it is not a donation The sources warn that if the taxpayer is not able to prove to the Tax Agency ‘s claim that his operation is a credit, and not a donation, he will be force to pay the Inheritance Tax for receiving that money. Given these surprise actions.

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