The super athletes you don’t know yet

Major sporting competitions provide us with moments of entertainment, heroism and patriotic pride that few televised shows can offer. That is why the Olympic Games and, to a lesser extent, the Pan American Games, are some of the most followed events in the world, but there are also other competitions where even greater feats are achieved and that receive only a fraction of the attention. This is the case of the Parapan American Games , which have been held since 1999, when the venue was Mexico City. This year, Toronto will be the city that sees the continent’s best athletes with disabilities seek qualification for the Rio Paralympic Games. In addition, this will be the edition with the largest number of participating athletes and the longest duration: 16 thousand people competing from August 7 to 15 of this year. To encourage Canadian athletes, the Canadian Paralympic Committee launched an inspiring marketing campaign called The Games are Tough; the Athletes are Tougher , which highlights the resilience and strength of athletes through their stories.

This initiative leaves behind clichés

The Games are Tough; the Athletes are Tougher has the hashtag , in addition to telling Colombia Mobile Number List the stories of several athletes, such as cyclist Jay Miller , who tells how he started using a bicycle and why he is a fan of the sport. The history of Paralympic sports dates back to 1948 (the same year that the first Olympic Games of the modern era were held), when Dr. Ludwig Guttman organized the first race for wheelchair athletes. Officially, the first Paralympic Games were held in 1960, in Italy, so there is already a long tradition, although its athletes are not yet as well known as their counterparts who participate in the Olympic Games.3 ways to wash your car without wasting waterAmong the activities we frequently carry out, one of the ones that consumes the most water is washing the car.

Depending on the technique used

In Mexico there are car services like Sin Agua and Alpha Green Solutions , which Canada Phone Number List is  a franchise that since 2012 has washed cars without using a single drop of water. Pressure washer Purchasing a pressure washer , in addition to cleaning your car, will help you clean the terrace and various surfaces. The device has a high-pressure pump driven by an electric motor that produces a constant flow of clean water. Although this option does require water, it uses 70 liters, which is less than what would be wasted when washing with a hose or in a traditional self-service. With this system, the water flow is distributed evenly throughout the vehicle, achieving a uniform wash. These are some options that will allow you to reduce the impact that your car can cause when cleaning, although if you cannot access any of them, the best option will always be to use a couple of buckets of water and not waste more.

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