companies throughout Spain can no longer pay payrolls

The Government and the banks have identified that these companies have serious liquidity problems. They are now developing an urgent rescue plan to keep them away from bankruptcy The Treasury claims 60 million from Grupo Prisa for irregularities in companies throughout  Corporate Tax and VAT Florentino Pérez ‘sold’ ACS to China’s main millionaire “Buy state debt at 3% profitability.” Government campaign to remove deposits from banks Non-payment notice. Non-payment notice. The Government is working at full speed with the banks to address the serious financing problem that hundreds of thousands of Spanish companies throughout  companies are going through since the crisis broke out. Now, another worrying focus has been detected: more than 80,000 companies recognize liquidity tensions to face the payment of payrolls to their workers. A

Specifically that they would not cancel

Loans to companies with a turnover of more than 100 million to avoid new bankruptcies such as Pescanova, Fagor, Panrico… They can’t pay the salaries Now, as El Confidencial Digital has learned from financial sources, a recent x-ray carried out by the Government Turkey Phone Number List  and the bank to identify more weak points in the Spanish business fabric has revealed new worrying data. People who have access to the balance sheets of a good number of Spanish companies, some of them very well-known brands, reveal to ECD that the financial situation of more than 80,000 companies present “serious liquidity problems in paying salaries to their workers.” Urgent rescue plan The Ministry of Economy knows the problem.

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Alert from the bank to the Government

The banking sources to which ECD has had access affirm that the country’s big bankers have been alerting the Government for months , specifically Minister  Thailand Phone Number List Luis de Guindos , of the devastating business scenario that is looming in the coming months. “When, around last May, the minister demanded more provisions to cover the refinancing of doubtful loans to companies, Botín, FG and Ron put their hands on their heads ,” reveals a collaborator of one of them. The bankers’ response was clear: if greater provisions are demanded from Spanish banks, the entities will be forced to let dozens of companies fail , which will be forced into bankruptcy proceedings, when now they survive precisely thanks to the oxygen provided by the banks through refinancing.

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