Beware, social impact bonds are based on for-profit economics

Expok reproduced an article from Forbes Magazine entitled “Social impact bonds: an opportunity for Mexico” , where it indicates that these “are an unprecedented opportunity that brings together governments, private investors, philanthropy and civil society to find innovative solutions to the greatest challenges facing society, always based on results.” Are they really so attractive? Who benefit? Is Mexico able to take advantage of them? Are they convenient? The article asks “How do social impact bonds work?” and responds: “A BIS is an association in which foundations and impact investors (sic) assume the risk – not governments – to finance a solution to a social problem. Once the NGO and social enterprises receive capital from investors, they can work directly in the communities to implement their services effectively.

When a company allocates a donation

The BIS move away from the traditional formula of transferring resources from private capital that makes a donation to a philanthropic Mexico Mobile Number Database organization. In other words, to an organization, it is actually “saying goodbye,” so to speak, to private money whose origin was taken from the company’s profits before paying taxes and that economic resource passes to the field of the non-profit or non-profit economy, never to be returned to the original donor. Instead, the organization that receives it applies the donation to the programs it operates. On the other hand, in the BIS, the company or any other financier will see an economic “return on investment” from public money for participating by investing resources, as long as the CSO produces results. Isn’t it profiting by relying on philanthropic organizations.

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The recurring donor to keep

So why doesn’t the government prepare the ground to support philanthropic Cambodia Phone Number List organizations and invest in their strengthening, increase in number, and public recognition of their contribution? However, on the subject of BIS, the reader’s judgment is the most important. From the Board of Directors The President of the Board of Directors recalled the article published in Expok “Philanthropists and journalistic rigor are lacking” , which points out that the media need to know in depth how the philanthropic sector works and some codes of ethics that institutions observe when talking about his beneficiaries, always guided by dignified treatment and taking care of their adverse condition, which is why he reproached his fellow advisors for the publication Despite the existence of other similar portals, allowing their receipts “in the cloud” for when they make their annual declaration and easily locate the receipts for deduct your donations.

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