Citibank admits that it did not finance Italy’s entry

Two sources from the bank assure ‘The Wall Street Journal’ that the position of the Spanish Government was key The National Court expands the complaint for Citibank admits  fraud in SOS to the wife and father-in-law of Jesús Salazar Arias Cañete aske Rajoy to resolve the Deoleo crisis before announcing his candidacy Mariano Rajoy chooses Doñana to spend the Easter holidays with ‘Viri’ and the children Rajoy on the cover of The Wall Street Journal. Rajoy on the cover of The Wall Street Journal.  Matteo Renzi, Italian Prime Minister, complaine publicly that Spain did not allow Italy to enter the bid for the Deoleo oil company like the rest of the intereste parties.

So as not to bother the Spanish Government

This is the reason why the American bank Citibank denie the necessary financial support to the Italian state fund to buy the Spanish oil company Deoleo . According to ‘The Wall Street Journal’ Monday, that was the reason  the banking giant for Saudi Arabia Phone Number List  the Italians to be without economic power and unable to meet the offer made by the British fund CVC. Last Thursday, the board of Deoleo agree to sell 21% of the Spanish oil company to CVC compare to other lower proposals , such as that of the Spanish Dcoop, which already has 9.9% of the company, or that of the Citibank admits  Strategic Fund Italian. According to the newspaper, Citibank refuse to support the Italians “because the agreement would have anger the Spanish Government .

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A senior bank official contacted his advisors

In Spain, and they warne him that support for the Italians would not be well receive in Madrid.” The newspaper also claims that a spokesperson for the bank has deni that they had consider financing the Italians in while the Italian fund has refuse to comment Spain Phone Number List on the news. Renzi’s statements The truth is that days before the final buyer of Bankia’s share in the oil company was known, the Italian Prime Minister, Mateo Renzi criticizd the attitude of the Spanish Government in not allowing the Italians to enter the oil company and aske for a equal treatment with the rest of the intereste parties.

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