The surprising use of agave that is not tequila

When hearing the word agave , most Mexicans think of tequila. However, this plant has many other uses. Recently, a new use was found for it that may be a possible solution to a problem that afflicts the world: the shortage of drinking water. According to UNICEF . The shortage of drinking water and sanitation is the main cause of disease in the world. Approximately 4,500 children die every day due to this problem and many others suffer from poor health.  The surprising agave A group from the AC Polytechnic Institute for Scientific and Technological Research found that with maguey waste (bagasse) it is possible to generate a material capable of cleaning water. Since an activate carbon is obtaine that absorbs organic and inorganic pollutants present in the water. Fuel and air. This new way of purifying water is sustainable. Since mezcal production nationwide discards more than 17 thousand tons of bagasse per year.

According to researchers

The waste is use , more than 8 thousand tons of activate carbon can be Brazil Mobile Number List obtaine. Otherwise, if the waste is burne, more than 28 thousand tons of CO2 would be generate. In less than two hours, activate carbon can be create from maguey. And according to researchers. Each of the waste contains about 45% carbon .  The surprising the research could be carrie out with the collaboration of the Promotion of Scientific and Technological Research , CONACYT , the State of San Luis Potosí and the researchers; who assure that it can be a profitable business. The raw materials to obtain activate carbon that can purify water are not enough to meet global demand. Therefore, maguey is a very good option to satisfy the needs by taking advantage of the waste of a growing industry.

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Add two servings of protein

To make a healthy saladSalads are much more than a plate with a variety of lettuce Brazil Phone Number List or vegetables, as some people consider them . A complete salad allows you to open your imagination and combine different types of foods, flavors and textures to achieve a balance diet. A balance dish must have at least one of all the food groups. Kellogg ‘s nutrition experts explain to us that to make a healthy salad that provides us with the energy that the body needs, there are 6 simple steps that must be followe: Choose a base with a variety of leafy greens and other vegetables. The surprising whether of animal or vegetable origin. Sweeten with half a cup of fruit. Add a tablespoon of nuts or cereals. A spoonful of some type of cheese. A tablespoon of a dressing. Below you will find an infographic that will help you make various combinations to enjoy a delicious and nutritious .

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