The historic opportunity that the National Team missed

It will not be in this medium where you will find the sports chronicle regarding what happene yesterday in the semifinal match of the Gold Cup in which the Mexican National Team went to the final of the tournament after a controversial referee decision that culminate in the scoring of a penalty kick taken by tricolor captain However, for those of us who observe and analyze the behavior of organizations from the perspective of social responsibility, this event represents more than the embarrassing opportunity to compete in the “grand final” against the Reggae Boyz. It represente the opportunity (not taken advantage of) to have generate a positive impact on other interest groups that clearly do not determine the behavior of the national team.

In the scenario of what did happen

We could highlight the interest groups that are satisfie with the decision made Canada Mobile Database who would be satisfie with the passage to the final that outlines them to achieve the “longe for” “budgete” championship. This regardless of the circumstances that lead to it. Some sponsors , for whom the result favors them because of their commercial and media interests. Some players who justify the result regardless of the means to achieve it. After all, “football sometimes gives and other times it takes” and they would be fulfilling their own “professional” commitments. Some (most) fanatics , who would agree with the ingraine culture of “the ends justify the means” And in the scenario of what did NOT happen, we could assume that the impact would have been more positive, but in other interest groups that need not be note.

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who would have change his current position

Media , would have obtaine a very popular and necessary note given the national Belgium Phone Number List context regarding issues such as corruption, education, values, etc. Sports writers, who would have supporte the decision and built on the importance of better behavior regarding what is most comfortable. Press from other sources , Mexican and international opinion leaders from political, economic, social, cultural sources, etc. They would have taken note of this event, achieving millionaire publicity, in addition to contributing to clarify the positioning of a corrupt country. NGOs whose social objective is the construction of citizenship, education and culture, who would find in the national team an example so that children understand what values ​​are about. Some players , who would feel proud to have been part of that team that made it different.

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