The Marches give a truce to Florentino Pérez now

They have earned 80 million with the last three operations. They already rule out a hasty exit from the construction company because they are managing an escalation in the value of the share that will allow them to pocket high capital gains. The Marches manage to unseat Florentino Pérez in ACS but manage to remain in the presidency for another year Florentino Pérez will merge ACS with Hotchief before the end of the year Anger at the ACS branch in Australia over Florentino Pérez’s movements to place his dolphin Florentino Pérez ‘sold’ ACS to China’s main millionaire The president of ACS, Florentino Pérez. The president of ACS, Florentino Pérez. The relations between Florentino Pérez and Los March in ACS are now going through one of their sweetest moments.

 Improvement has had a notable influence

only the president’s plans to take a step back in the direction of the company within a year, but also the positive evolution of the share price that will allow Switzerland Phone Number List them to continue making cash in the next months. As El Confidencial Digital has learned from business sources, the Marches have pocketed around 80 million euros with the latest divestments in ACS. The main reproach of the first shareholders to the management of Florentino Pérez has been in recent years that the assault on Iberdrola caused the construction company to lose almost million in a single year. Make cash with the good quote But now the good share price is allowing them to make cash.

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A scenario that indirectly also fits

The president of Real Madrid perfectly . Profits from the latest sales Corporación Financiera Alba sold ACS shares representing 1% of its capital in May of last year, in an operation that generated a gross capital gain of 13.5 million . Half a year later, in October, it sold  Taiwan Phone Number List off another 1% of its capital for 77 million euros, which brought it a capital gain of 20.2 million euros . After this sale, carried out through a financial contract, Los March reduced their participation in the group chaired by Florentino Pérez to 16.3% . The March family cashed in again with their historic participation in ACS on March 30. They once again lost their weight in the construction company and in return increased their portfolio by 46.2 million euros .

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