unemployed Spaniards have turned to the Embassy in London

.An internal report reveals that 45% of job seekers have less than 5 years’ experience and a very low level of English Government macro-campaign: investigate unemployed Spaniards  two and a half million unemploye people who collect unemployment benefits The Government intensifies unemploye Spaniards surveillance of employers and unions to clean up training courses The flat rate of 100 euros for Social Security creates 113,000 permanent contracts Labor rejects a complaint against Intereconomía by several former workers Queue at an INEM office. Queue at an INEM office.The Spanish embassy in London launche a job portal a year ago to help Spaniards displace to the Unite Kingdom find work.

According to sources from the Spanish Embassy

Which El Confidencial Digital has had access, the website is initially aime at Spaniards residing in the Unite Kingdom . But also to the unemploy who live in Spain, given the high unemployment rate of close to 26%, who are looking for a job opportunity in the Thailand Phone Number List British Isles that they cannot find here. 700,000 consultations in one year The sources to which ECD has had access reveal that almost 700,000 Spaniards have contacte the diplomatic delegation in the last year for advice on how to find a job in any territory of the United Kingdom. According to the latest official statistics, the number of Spaniards registered in the British Social Security (National Insurance) grew by 42% in 2013 compare to the previous year .

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Profile of the plaintiffs According

the sources consulte  these are some of the common aspects that most job seekers share: – 45% of Spaniards who have sent a resume to the diplomatic delegation have a university degree. – The vast majority (just over 70%) have work experience relate to the studies they Switzerland Phone Number List complete although more than 35% of the total end up dedicating themselves to the hospitality and retail sector. – The largest proportion of applicants has Junior experience , that is, less than 5 years . Valladolid: schedule, channel and where to watch on TV League match . The level of English with which they arrive is low . This is how the website works

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