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How the collaboration was establishe. with Craig Barr and Steve Talkowski, who publishe reports on the use of Zortrax printers on their social profiles, contributing to the increase of the brand’s prestige . Zortrax also pays attention to following discussions on the Internet about products and the company itself, and thanks to monitoring notifications, to immeiately respond to any negative comments to prevent possible crises . It also follows competition publications and thus stays up to date with the most important information and opinions of its target group. 8. Pizza Patrol – a cult PR campaign base on monitoring Da Grasso.

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Pizzeria together with the brand awareness on the web, show that Da Grasso is close to Internet users and that it even knows when they are hungry. – at Brand24 we monitore Facebook and Twitter looking for hungry people, we found them in the real whatsapp mobile number list world and delivere hot pizza to them in several dozen minutes.Screenshot 2015-10-30 14-42-47 The results were very good, even though the campaign laste only 4 days and was not supporte by any additional activities – the number of mentions of Da Grasso increase by 135% , almost 60,000 people had contact with the campaign , and 95% of the comments about the campaign were positive.

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Airbnb – increasing sales with the help of monitoring During the games in Sochi, Russia, hotels and rooms for journalists turne out to be a big problem. of hot CXB Directory water or the door handles that staye in their hands. Airbnb searche for such entries (sometimes tagge with the hashtag roadtosochi or sochiproblems) and offere its rooms, locate near the Olympic village. Thanks to this action, they gaine over 270,000 followers on Twitter.

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