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Screenshotsmog  smogcity, smogwawelski Of course, the most happening was in social meia, where almost 75% of entries were found. Internet users searche for. The causes of smog there, informe about the level of pollution, warne against leaving home, suggeste apps checking the level of dust, encourage to wear masks, advise how to survive in a smog-ridden city, and poste memes, videos and photos – lots of photos. The most active turne out to be Krakow with its “Wawel smog” – more than half of the results concerne only this city. Smog – meia monitoring data RTM – brands. Did not miss. The opportunity Clubs, cafes, restaurants, gyms and. Crnemas have benefite from the huge interest in this topic.

There were suggestions of exercising

They use the main recommendation, limiting the time spent outdoors to a minimum. Encouraging them to visit them on those smog days. Instead of running or cycling, at the gym, instead of walking – invitations to a screening or coffee. There Latest Mailing Database were many ideas for advertising with smog in the lead role, below I present some of them. The Carpentry Club Screenshot 2015-11-09 13.28.48 The manor house in Tomaszowice aaaaaaa Formma Gym Screenshot 2015-11-09 13.32.40 Sky Pub Katowice Screenshot Kino Ars Screenshot  Odolany Cafe Screenshot 2015-11-09 22.29.28 If you have come across other marketing campaigns referring to the smog over Poland in recent days, please share them in the comments.

Latest Mailing Database

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Monitoring Internetu Monitoring that the Internet CXB Directory lives on – smog is only one of them. However, if you run a shop and offer anti-smog masks, monitoring on your business. People often look online for advice on which mask to choose – find such people thanks to Brand24 , offer them your product and professional advice to turn them into your customers.

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