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Tuber delivery During the UberIceCream campaign, the company decide to invest heavily in building a buzz around the brand itself in social meia to give it the greatest possible momentum. Coherent campaigns on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were designe for the purpose of the campaign. Engaging Internet users was base on simple online competitions, consisting of sharing photos on social meia with the accompanying hashtag UberIceCream. Uber’s marketing team believe simple and scalable user interactions would be most effective here.

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The action turne out to be a great success also in Poland, which is reflecte in the statistics that show the consequences of the UberIceCream campaign in the phone number list form of: 24% increase in overall social meia engagement 7% increase in per week 11% increase in organic app downloads in the country These measurable results are clear proof of the success of the campaign. In young companies such as Uber.

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The accumulation of interesting and well-execute actions can cause a “snowball effect” and pave the way for larger partnerships, as well on an even larger CXB Directory scale. To properly illustrate the scale of the UberIceCream campaign in Poland, it is enough that the partner company LODOVE use over 400 kg of ingreients for the production of ice cream (including 55 kg of strawberries, 50 kg of bananas and as much as 80 kg of natural yogurt.

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