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They share on their fanpage a photo of the interior of the car, showing the gearbox and a pistol lying next to it. The message under the photo was even more interesting. We also know that Tomek Atlowski is going to paintball next Saturday. Tomek, for this sport, but we will be happy to rent you a professional Volvo car for the weekend! us again to arrange the details.” We also know that Tomek Atlowski is going to paintball this Saturday. Tomek, we don’t have Poste by Volvo Car Poland on August 20, 2015 The post was receive very positively and share on a huge scale. The users really like the way Volvo’s marketing team handle the situation.

The post was share over

Course Tomek was very please with such a surprise. In total, 850 times, receive almost 20,000 likes and 640 comments (still growing). All content about Volvo that day reache over half a million social meia users and accumulate over 30,000 likes ( monitoring data ). Thanks to this little show-off, the brand was able to expand its reach on social meia, increase engagement and win over a new brand ambassador. Well playe, Volvo, well playe And it’s all thanks to vigilance and the ability to respond appropriately to entries about a specific brand.


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People share a lot of content on their social meia profiles. It is important to be up to date with these mentions at all times and to be able to react properly CXB Directory and quickly to them. That’s why Internet monitoring is becoming more and more popular among enterprises of all sizes, because it allows you to track brand mentions in real time, so you don’t miss a single entry that may be important for your business.

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