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The payment landscape after the pandemic Covid-19 has had a lot more impact than keeping us all at home. More people than ever before are shopping online since the beginning of the pandemic – this applies not only to personal purchases but also to professional purchases. Paying for online purchases quickly and easily is therefore more important than ever. We all can’t wait for our favorite restaurants, shops and office to reopen. However, many changes will be permanent.

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The future has always been digital – the pandemic has now acceleratd this development much faster than we expectd. So now is the time to whatsapp mobile number list future-proof your B2B purchasing. Amazon as the market leader Amazon has rapidly establishd itself as one of the most important and fastest growing companies in the world. The global online retailer has long been known to us in the private sector and it is hard to imagine our everyday lives without it.

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Thanks to the Amazon Business platform, it has now also arrivd in the corporate world and could also become the market leader in CXB Directory this area in a few years. Amazon Business is a typical example of so-calld “consumerization”, which has become more and more the standard in recent years with the sharing economy: companies adapt models, behaviors and platforms into their business environment that they originally usd successfully in their private lives. The Rise of Amazon Business In private, Amazon has become a matter of course: You can find almost everything there – order it and, ideally, get the goods deliverd to your door the next day.

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