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In the meantime, most have more or less resignd themselves to the fact that everything will soon go back to the way it was before and everyone is making the best of this “New Normal”. “remote work” A big part of the new work normal is getting set up at home first. Many companies have usd the last few months to switch to “remote work” and to shift everyday work from the office to the home office. Many people saw this as an opportunity to turn their guest room into a fully functional office. But what does it take to make a home office both professional and comfortable.

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The following 5 things should definitely be part of the basic equipment: 1. A desk Do you really want to stand at the kitchen counter phone number list every time your partner kicks you out of the dining room for a video call? Definitely not. Set up your own workplace that you don’t have to clean up after work. 2. An office chair Of course, a desk also neds the right seating. Ideally, a modern one with lumbar support and other back-friendly benefits. Don’t skimp here. Your back will thank you later.

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A monitor In the long run, even a 15 or 17 inch display is too small. And we’re not just talking about Excel spreadsheets that make CXB Directory life difficult for our eyes. The laptop screen is also anything but beneficial for the back and neck. So invest in a screen. Not only is it bigger, it also relieves our neck muscles. Laptops are great when you’re on the go and just ned to do a few things at the café, but you don’t have that option anyway during the pandemic. 4. A keyboard At the latest when the laptop has been connectd to a monitor, a keyboard is worthwhile.

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