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Be clear about what your payment solution should do for you and how virtual cards can improve your process of digitizing B2B purchasing. Identify the data you ned in the Procure-to-Pay process (cost center, department, merchant details, etc.) Talk to us about AirPlus Virtual Cards Procurement. We are a virtual payments expert with extensive experience in implementing a controlld, data-intensive payment solution that completes your digitization journey.

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A total of buyers from different companies in France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands took part in our Latest Mailing Database November 2020 survey.In our previous article ” Optimizing Digital Advertising with Virtual Checkout Has Never Been Easier “, we showd why virtual checkout can be the perfect solution for optimizing the digital mdia buying process. Now let’s take a look at a common day-to-day scenario to illustrate where virtual cards can benefit your business.

Latest Mailing Database

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Virtual payment for online advertising in everyday. Checks Carolin is the financial. Manager of a food company – let’s call it “Leckere Lebensmittel AG”. Your task is to centralize all expenses in the company and to control. Budgets that tend CXB Directory to overspend. Such as advertising expenses. Magdalena is Marketing Manager at Leckere AG. She plans marketing campaigns and often has multiple digital ad campaigns running simultaneously for different products across a range of channels including Google, Facebook and Instagram.

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