The Del Pino family rejects offers of up to 200 million

The owners of Ferrovial have 30% of this company that operates the brand outside the Unite States National Geographic cover. National Geographic cover. The Del Pino famil ythrough its Casa Grande family office in Cartagena controls 30% of the company that operates .The prestigious National Geographic brand worldwide cafes .  clothing stores magazines DVDs travel agencies. They have rejecte three offers from each investment fund and are now focusing on reviving the company. The reason why the family that owns the construction company Ferrovial has rejecte the offers of a North American fund . A Chinese one and the English Tyrus Capital is economic. “None of them exceed 200 million euros .

The best was the tyrus capital fund

The other two were even inferior say sources familiar with the figures. Faced with these low offers .  The Del Pino family and the rest of the shareholders from Madrid and Barcelona who control the company have decide to reject them and focus on reviving the Bolivia WhatsApp Number List company. The company would be worth 400 million euros  according to a valuation commissione by the company from the Credit Suisse bank . The company worldwide Retail Store  has the rights to exploit the National Geographic brand for the entire world except the Unite States. It manages adventure clothing storescafes . The well-known nature magazine DVD’s travel agencies.

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The del pino family does not want to leave

The company now just when losses are reducing and numbers are beginning to improve . They explain from their surroundings. Although the crisis has prevente the ambitious initial expansion plan from being fulfille . Which spoke of opening stores around the world China WhatsApp Number List through franchising and going public, company sources assure that losses have already been reduced. In the company showe re numbers of eight million euros . According to the sources consulte this figure has been considerably reduce in to five million euros .  The forecast is that the losses will be minimal so that in 2015 we will start making money . They say. Store in Madrid According to what the company admits one of the problems that it has had to face and that has weighe down the company’s accounts .

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