From social protest to organized volunteering

Like the Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez Human Rights Center, a hundre civil society organizations have been expressing that social protest is criminalize in our country. In a polarize society like ours, the statement seems as reckless as it is true for a large part of public opinion. Saying that protest is criminalize is useful for constructing other arguments that revolve around allege government repression and victimization with some success. In rallies and marches we have witnesse genuine demands, but also the excesses of people who, under the cover of covering their faces, commit crimes such as vandalism.

The type of organization

We have witnesse how the agitators or infiltrators (as some people call them) procee Ecuador Mobile Number List negatively in these public events and they do so with a very effective degree of planning, organization and preparation. We would then have to ask ourselves who is infiltrating them: the federal government? SMetro at the Zapata station without paying the ticket. They were detaine by a police officer who urge them to leave and re-enter but pay the corresponding amount. The resistance of the young people, one who was arguing and another who was filming with his phone, turne into discussion when a policewoman joine.

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They point out irresponsibility of authorities

The officer told him that if he knew his rights he could process his discount so that India Phone Number List instead of paying 5 pesos for a trip he could do so with the 3 peso subsidy that the Head of Government Mancera promote months ago. It is heard in the recording that the young man says that he does not enter the program because he is.years old! From social protest to organize volunteering This fact could spark social protest and solidarity among other young people to “defend” the argument of enjoying public services that, due to their status as students, should be free for them,social protest to organize volunteering Some features that social protest and voluntary participation have in common are: They detect problems and loopholes through which officials and public servants violate legal provisions.

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