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It is very nice to see that the information or references to philanthropy transmitted by the media is increasing in the country. More than 15 years ago, when I was teaching at the Albert Einstein University in the master’s degree in Peace Education, as part of the introduction to the subject I carried out a simple exercise to testify to the information that each generation of students could have and I asked them mention the name, cause or event of a philanthropic organization they knew of. In those days, an average group of 20 students made a list that did not even reach 15 mentions. The topic was foreign to them, strange.  He laughs and now in a serious position he stated that if life gives him the opportunity to sculpt works and receive remuneration then it is fair that allocate some support to social causes.

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As minutes before Rocha had updated the information regarding the situation of Fernanda’s donations, the sculptor Rodrigo de la Sierra said that he Guatemala Mobile Number Database joined in by granting a financial donation. On the other hand, on different channels we witnessed the call for attention about the danger of extinction that looms over the species of eagle called “Imperial” (are made against income before paying contributions, affecting profits and, on the other hand, it should have been explained why What different sectors participate in social development through current arguments, for example, what is understood today as public, of public interest and that precisely organized philanthropy and social responsibility programs contribute private resources to additional public purposes. to whom the state must allocate.

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We are making progres

There is no doubt, but the more social causes that are present in the media and call  Hong Kong Phone Number List for the collaboration of citizens, the greater the number of people who will participate and place greater trust in the sector. It is a lie that donations “are in competition” and that we have to fight for them. We must banish the idea of ​​exclusive and unique help for a cause, it is not a common practice because those who are generous find different channels to channel their generosity and everyone helps. We are multi-causal beings. In addition to the above, it is a pleasure that networks like Radio Formula take the contribution of business foundations, philanthropy and social investment more seriously, but it is up to philanthropy professionals to have forceful and assertive arguments that clarify doubts for journalists.

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