Anger at the ACS branch in Australia over Florentino

Leigthon executives who he had confirmed in their positions only a few days before to give full powers to Marcelino Fernández Verdes Florentino Anger at the ACS Pérez outrages the neighbors affected by the earthquakes by stating that Castor will operate in 2014 Bertha, ACS’s star tunnel boring machine, has been stuck in Seattle for two months The Marches manage to unseat Florentino Pérez in ACS but manage to remain in the presidency for another year Florentino Pérez will merge ACS with Hotchief before the end of the year Florentino Pérez, president of ACS. Florentino Pérez, president of ACS. The departure of two senior Leigthon executives has generated an unusual stir in the company.

The president of the German construction company

Hochtief , Marcelino Fernández Verdes, took over the management of the Australian subsidiary Leighton in mid-March , after launching a takeover bid to increase its stake from 59% to 74%. Just a few days later, and unexpectedly for many, Fernández Verdes replaced Bahamas WhatsApp Number List  Leigthon’s CEO, Hamish Tyrwhitt . And a little later, the company also reporte the resignation of its chief financial officer, Peter Gregg. Business sources close to the process consulte  El Confidencial Digital, assure that the president of ACS, Florentino Pérez , has surprise . Leigthon’s employees and executives with this move. They explain that just a few days before the departure of these two senior executives.

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Nobody expect therefore that the president

Real Madrid would arrive in Australia by storm , as soon as he took 74% of the company. Other people close to these movements explain that even both managers, both the CEO and the financial director, had been confirme in their positions less than a week ago India WhatsApp Number List  which has further fuele criticism of Florentino Pérez in Australia for his management of this issue in the group subsidiary. ECD has contacte the construction company ACS through its headquarters in Madrid. At press time, no response had been received.

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