Repsol will have the Environment permit for oil exploration

The Government has avoided definitive authorization in the months prior to the elections to save candidate Arias Cañete from controversy during the campaign. Artur Mas will not allow to bury the brand at gas stations in Catalonia How will look for oil from the Canary Islands Antonio Brufau, president of , acted as ‘infiltrated boss’ Oil prospecting in the Canary Islands. Oil prospecting in the Canary Islands. Repsol is only waiting for the approval of the Environmental Impact Statement by the Ministry of Agriculture to begin oil prospecting in the Canary Islands. But the Government already has a date for that opinion: the month of June. This has sought to avoid damaging Arias Cañete’s candidacy for the European elections with a controversial issue. As has confirmed in Agriculture sources, the report from the department headed by Isabel García Tejerina will be ready in “very few weeks .

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The framework of the environmental assessment procedure. But, in no case has this request for new information led to a stoppage and a delay in the planned schedule. Do not damage Cañete’s candidacy But senior PP officials consulted by ECD, who recognize their firm Italy Phone Number List support for the project, admit the inconvenience of giving approval to prospecting in the Canary Islands in these months prior to the European elections. “ It would be ruining Miguel’s campaign if this thorny issue is introduced into the campaign.” However, sources close to Agriculture do not share this vision. They ensure that the technicians prepare the reports based on objective criteria , regardless of any electoral calculation strategy.

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Government and the councils of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, who have tried, so far without success, to stop it in the courts . Meanwhile, Minister Soria, from the Canary Islands, has always defended the process, arguing that oil extraction “will have enormous benefits” from Mexico Phone Number List an economic point of view. The scheduled deadlines are met Furthermore, the Government of the Canary Islands maintains a challenge to the Central Executive to desist from supporting oil prospecting. exp-player-logo Técnicas Reunidas earns 59.7 million in , compared to losses in , and quintuples its Ebitda . The Canary Islands president, Paulino Rivero, announced three months ago that he had requested authorization from the State to hold a citizen consultation in relation to the controversial prospecting that Repsol intends to carry out.

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