No Catalan has complained about the Market Unity law appealed 

It has been in force for five months and Competition has not receive any complaints, complaints or allegations from Catalonia. Artur Mas presente an appeal for unconstitutionality The National Assembly of Catalonia recruits immigrants to sign in favor of independence Artur Mas and have agree to now go for the Constitution Rajoy’s “Spain does not break” has manage to calm foreign investors The fiscal insubordination campaign in Catalonia has faile While Catalan politicians publicly criticize the rule and assure that it will never be applie in that Autonomous Community because it allows “Madrid” to roll back regional regulations, Catalan citizens and businessmen have not file any complaints. “This shows once again that politicians and civil society are going down different paths .” This is the reflection made by CNMC sources after the first months of life of the controversial Market Unity Law.

According to these sources Competition has not received

Any complaints or claims from Catalonia during the first months of the rule’s life. “We have receive complaints from other communities, which we have had to resolve, but nothing from Catalonia ,” these sources explain. Article 26 of the law allows “ economic operators Iran Phone Number List who consider their rights or legitimate interests to have been violatd may make the corresponding claim.” In turn, article 28 states that “economic operators, consumers , users or the organizations that represent them may inform the Administration of the obstacles or barriers to market unity that they detect .” Application of the standard: zero Well, neither in any case nor in another. The real conflict in the application of the norm in Catalonia so far is zero, according to Competition.

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Catalan politicians continue ‘in a fight’ with the Economy

Artur Mas , president of the Generalitat, has appealed to the Constitutional Court arguing that he invades regional powers. In March, the Secretary of Business and Competitiveness of the Catalan executive, Pedro Torres , assure that Catalonia was not going to  Lebanon Phone Number List apply it in its territory. “ The Statute has a higher rank than that law ,” said Torres. Economy, for its part, wants the Generalitat to modify up to 37 regional regulations that could conflict with the law. A few days ago, the Minister of Economy, Luis de Guindos , reiterate the Government’s intention that Catalonia accept the norm because it is “good for Catalan businessmen” . For this reason, the deadlines managed internally by Repsol’s leadership to begin the work have not been modifie.

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