The Government will stop amortizing the positions

The Treasury plans to fill vacancies again starting in . Reasonpublic employees are already over 50 years old and are over 60 “I’m going to kill you”, the threat of ETA member Ibon to prison officials Extreme violence against officials: attacks have increase by 80% in  The Government last year Civil servants cannot be forcd to retire at 65 years of age Attacks on prison officers have double Employment office officials. Employment office officials. Starting next year, the Government will begin to fill some of the vacancies of retiring officials. But the positions of all bodies of the Administration will not stop being amortize at the same time. We will start, for now, with those of the investigative personnel, the State Security Forces and Corps and the Treasury inspectors.

In principle the measure would begin to be applied

The beginning of next year, after several years of crisis in which the practice of amortizing places has become almost generalize in the Administration. Places will not stop being amortize in a general way The sources to which ECD has had access explain that this process to Indonesia Phone Number List  refill the vacancies of retiring officials will be progressive and will not affect the entire Administration as a whole in its first stages. Now, they explain, it is about providing more staff to the bodies that require reinforcement, but not about oversizing other departments that, for example, have fewer and fewer powers. In this sense, the sectors in which it is propose to begin to stop amortizing the positions of retire civil servants are that of investigative personnel, the State Security Forces and Corps and the inspectors of the Tax Agency.

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Therefore they are on the verge of retirement

But in addition, 906,900 workers are also over 50 years old. This means approximately that a third of public employees will retire in the medium term . Early retirements skyrocket due to cuts According to the sources consulte although one of the aspects Latvia Phone Number List that most worries the Government is the progressive aging of the workforce , it is not the only concern. To the retirements that the central administration has to face due to age, we must also add that civil servants are lately opting more frequently for early retirement .  Técnicas Reunidas earns 59.7 million in 2023 compare to losses in and quintuples its

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