Competition extends inspection of electricity companies

Investigates complaints of overpricing on concepts not specified in the offers, registration of ghost customers and obstacles to canceling the service. Turning off the electricity in summer residences will be expensive: reconnecting will cost 200 euros . The Competition extendselectricity companies are going to focus on washing their image: discounts on electricity and advertising campaigns Attention, consumers: smart electricity meters reveal confidential user data challenge to the Government is going to cost them million more Maintenance of a gas boiler. Maintenance of a gas boiler. F whether electricity comp make communications that may be misleading about electricity rates and thus achieve greater profits.

Competition fears that electricity

Companies are taking advantage of the change in the method with which the electricity bill is calculate from now on (by hours or by billing periods) to Japan Phone Number List scare consumers about the risk of the new rate and direct them to offers in the free Competition extends market that are more beneficial for companies. The aim is to verify, therefore, whether the law has been violate and, if applicable, open a disciplinary file . New front for electric companies… now with gas But also now .

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Customer complaints to electric companies

Specifically sources from consumer associations consulte by ECD report the most frequent complaints they have receive from customers in Competition extends recent months . The companies offer users discounts on contracting the maintenance service, which includes an annual boiler New Zealand Phone Number List  inspection. But what they do not detail is that the offer is applie to an insignificant part of the invoice, which does not have a significant impact on the price . In the end, the customer ends up paying more. Another complaint is relate to registration of ghost clients.

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