The Government vetoes Elena Salgado and Valeriano

Magdalena Álvarez at the EIB The PSOE propose Zapatero’s two former ministers but Moncloa is going to appoint a representative relate to the PP . The Government has aske the PSOE for names of former ministers as a replacement for Magdalena Álvarez in the EIB The personal torture of Magdalena Álvarez The PSOE has designe a campaign to disqualify Judge Alaya Magdalena Alvarez. Magdalena Alvarez. Magdalena Álvarez refuses to abandon the position she holds, as vice president and representing Spain, at the European Investment Bank (EIB). But the Government is now moving on its own to appoint a person of its utmost confidence.

In fact De Guindos for the moment

Limited himself to pointing out that “we should all be responsible . ” But, as El Confidencial Digital has learne Malaysia Phone Number List from senior Government officials, in the Economy it is not overlook that holding out longer with a vice president at the EIB accuse of corruption damages mainly, Spain’s credit and reputation. Postpone the relay until after the European Championships The sources to which ECD has had access explain that the PP is not going to seek, at first, direct confrontation with Magdalena Álvarez to demand that she leave her position.

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No to former ministers Salgado and Valeriano

Gómez But in return, according to the sources consulte.  The Government has not said ‘yes’ to the proposals Philippines Phone Number List of the candidates made by the PSOE as replacements for Magdalena Álvarez in the European Investment Bank. Some of the names that have been put on the table are those of the former economic vice president with Zapatero, Elena Salgado , or that of the former Minister of Labor, Valeriano Gómez . However, apparently, the Executive’s plans do not involve now ceding the position to a candidate propose by the opposition.

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