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Long tail keywords are keywords that are more communicative, they can be an important element in your SEO strategy. Google’s latest search engine algorithm, which aims to study Natural Language Processing (NLP) and the intent behind searches.

Even the voice assistant, which reads out answers from selected content, prioritizes results that include long tail keywords in them. So it is more likely that your content will be recommended by search engines.

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Characteristics of Long Tail Keywords
Now you know the benefits of long tail keywords, both for sites and even product sales. Then below are some of the characteristics of long tail keywords are as follows.

Consisting of 3-5 words : the whatsapp mobile number list first characteristic is consisting of 3-5 words. These several words form a long tail keyword that addresses a specific topic. In addition, in some of these words there are also often short tail keywords.
Low search volume : long keywords are more specific and besides, not many people search for them online. That’s why it’s less popular so the search volume is low.
Low competition : usually the lower the keyword popularity, the lower the competition. However, not all long tail keywords are like that, sometimes many companies compete to get top rankings on long keywords.
High conversion rate : because the keywords are specific, the search results are also very responsive to user questions. That is, Google provides search results to users in which there are these long tail keywords. That’s why the conversion rate is high.
Those are some of the characteristics of long tail keywords, so that you understand better below there are examples of long tail keywords, such as.

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How to Find Long Tail Keywords?
Long tail keywords are keywords that have various characteristics, as mentioned above. So, how do you find CXB Directory long tail keywords? Here’s the information:

1. Use “Searches related to…”
When you do a search on Google, there is usually a section “Searches related to..”. You can use this section to find long tail keywords.

To do this, you just need to enter a keyword, then scroll down and find that section.

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