How To Find Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are keywords that have various characteristics, as mentioned above. So, how do you find long tail keywords? Here’s the information:

1. Use “Searches related to…”
When you do a search on Google, there is usually a section “Searches related to..”. You can use this section to find long tail keywords.

To do this, you just need to enter a keyword, then scroll down and find that section.

2. Take advantage of the box “People also ask…”

Long tail keyword is – use people also ask

Furthermore, apart from using the features above, you can also use the box “People also ask..” or “people also ask..” as shown below.

The box contains questions from users regarding the keywords you are looking for. So, most of these questions are specific and long so you can use them as long tail keywords for content.

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3. Take advantage of Google Autocomplete
long tail keyword adalah – google autocomplete

Furthermore, how to find long tail keywords is to use Google Autocomplete. Surely you are also familiar with this feature, Google Autocomplete will provide long tail keywords based on recommendations from Google directly.

To use this method, you just need to write the keywords you want, then a display like this will appear.

Long tail keyword is – online community

phone number list

Next is through online communities, such as Quora, Kaskus, or Facebook. The online community is a place where many people from all over the city and even countries gather to ask each other questions or answer questions.

Usually, before asking questions in the community, users have already searched via Google but have not found the CXB Directory answer. Well, you can use this to make articles related to this question.

Below is an example of how the online community, Kaskus, looks.

5. Gunakan Answer The Public
long tail keyword adalah – answer the public

Answer The Public is one of the most accurate keyword research tools . This tool will give you keywords in the form of specific questions using the 5W + 1H format.

How to use it is also quite easy, you only need to write down the keywords, for example, namely “laptop recommendations” after which the results appear as follows.

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