Server Work For Seo Has A Big Influence Like What

Server work for SEO has a big influence. Please note, the server is a place that can be used as website files . Simply put, the server can be likened to a ‘home’. In the SEO optimization process , the server is one thing that cannot be separated.

Before human visitors come from search engines, your website will first be visited by search engine crawler bots . If the website visiting process is not running optimally, this could be caused by sub-optimal server performance. So, what will happen to SEO if server work decreases?

As a result, all existing website pages cannot be crawled smoothly , and the impact can lead to the indexing and ranking processes . Well, the server used to store website files also contributes to website speed. If the server you have is low, the website’s performance cannot be maximized.

Server Work Factors for SEO that Need Attention

The Google search engine will work by crawling or visiting websites that you have. The goal is for the website to enter into Google’s database. That is why, server work has an important role in the SEO performance of the website.

If the server starts working database badly and shows some slowdown, this can have a negative effect on the website, especially SEO. To be able to find out how optimal the server works for SEO, there are several factors that need attention. Here’s some information:

It is undeniable that the speed of a website is an important factor in terms of user experience (UX). From an SEO standpoint, site speed is an important factor that must be taken into account. Because, if a website has a slow site speed, then the search engine’s process or performance to carry out the crawling process will also be disrupted.

2. Server downtimes


Apart from slow loading times , server downtimes can also be something to pay attention to. This condition makes the website inaccessible because there is an error from the server side.

Examples of cases that often experience this condition are online ticket provider servers. Where during ticket wars when there are big promos happening, often these server sites experience server down which then results in inaccessibility of the site.

On the SEO side, the work of server downtimes is not liked by Search Engine Bots. For example, at one time, our server was down , and at that moment the Search Engine Bot came to run the crawling process.

In addition to the two cases CXB Directory mentioned above, there are several server jobs that need attention, starting from internal server errors, inadequate server memory capacity, bandwidth capacity , and so on.

But the main point is that parts of the server that are not running or not working properly will affect the UX of a website and ultimately will have an impact on SEO performance on the website. The factors to keep in mind are that.

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