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You already understand the term keywords, then what about long tail keywords? If keywords usually only consist of one or two words, then long tail keywords are keywords that consist of 2 or more than 3 words, that’s why they are said to be long.

Why should you use long tail keywords? Because usually users on the internet search for specific keywords. If you don’t know what long tail keywords are like and examples, don’t worry, just watch this article until the end!

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What Are Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are specific keywords consisting of two or more words. The search volume for long tail keywords tends to be low and the competition is not intense. That is, using long tail keywords in your website articles can help increase ranking on Google SERP .

Due to long keywords, few Latest Mailing Database people usually search for them. They are usually the ones who want specific answers or articles. In addition, the function of long tail keywords is to get website traffic from certain keywords.

Long tail keywords are mostly used in searches such as buying and selling, tutorials, shop searches, and many more. Not a few people think that long tail keywords must be long, but that’s not always the case. Long tail keywords can also consist of only two words, but the search volume is low.

Ranking for short tail keywords

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In long tail keywords, most of them must include short tail keywords too. This will help you rank on Google , both for long tail keywords and short tail keywords in it. Thus making more organic traffic come.

2. Optimizing blog strategy
One way to increase site ranking is to create a blog . So, on the blog you can create SEO articles and apply these long tail keywords. If you are still confused, don’t worry, because when you search for long tail keywords, you will be notified of what users are looking for.

So, you can create content that answers CXB Directory the user’s keyword search needs. If later your content succeeds in answering their questions, of course traffic will increase.

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3. Help personalize content
As explained above, long tail keywords consist of two or more words, even up to four or five containing descriptive words in the form of geographic location, nationality, or something else.

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