Minister Soria’s legislative priorities leave the reopening

The head of Industry will address first the rule on the digital dividend, second the reform of the gas market, and leaves for last the new electricity pricing system, which was one of the conditions of the electricity companies to open the plant . Zapatero’s plan for Garoña, a fiasco: 1,000 jobs promised and only 56 achieved The closure of Garoña has meant a 7.6% drop in electricity production An environmentalist Minister Soria’s protests at the Garoña power plant. An environmentalist protests at the Garoña power plant.he companies that own the Santa María de Garoña nuclear power plant, Iberdrola and Endesa  will have a more difficult time making a decision on whether or not to request the Government to reopen the facility.

His intention was to wait to hear about

Executive’s reform of the electricity pool, the daily market that sets the price of electricity, but José Manuel Soria has other priorities. The Government’s decision to approve on February 21 the decree that made it easier for the two electricity companies to reopen the plant  Spain Phone Number List was welcomed by the companies as a simple step that was not definitive. Although it gave them until July 6 to request the reopening , and reduced the bureaucratic deadlines for the plant to get up and running again, the companies did not have it all. There were two fundamental reasons for Iberdrola and Endesa not to throw their hats in the ring. Firstly, the possibility.

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The PSOE which forced

The closure of  could win the elections and once again hinder the development of this type of energy . And the second, much more important and really UAE Phone Number List  the key to everything, was “ knowing how the reform of the electricity pool will turn out ,” in the opinion of the electricity companies. According to these companies, if such an important reform is in the air, the decision on reopening becomes complicated because they do not know what the keys to the sector will look like. Ministerial calendar And that is exactly what has happened, that reform is in the air .

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