Companies on the brink of bankruptcy that save the banks 

The Government has asked financial entities to make loans conditional on the monthly payment of salaries to workers 4 out of 10 companies pay their employees part of their salary in food vouchers, transportation bonuses and daycare checks Government order  Companies on the  to banks: we must save that will go bankrupt before the summer throughout Spain can no longer pay payrolls Payroll of a company. Payroll of a company. Companies will not be able to hide behind the “bad economic situation” to delay the payment of payrolls. The Government will force companies that receive liquidity from banks in the coming months to pay their workers every month and without delay. Otherwise, they must compensate employees if they decide to terminate the contract for continued non-compliance.

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Arecent x-ray carried out by the Government and the banks to identify the weak points of the Spanish business fabric detected another worrying focus: more South Korea Phone Number List  than 80,000 companies recognize liquidity tensions to face payment each month of payrolls to their workers. An urgent rescue plan is underway The Ministry of Economy knows the problem. Given this scenario, according to the sources to which ECD has had access, the Executive is already developing an urgent rescue plan with the banks that will allow these companies to avoid bankruptcy proceedings. For example, channels are being put on the table to facilitate debt .

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Companies that will go bankrupt in summer

The Government has asked the banks to come to the rescue of around 400 companies that in the next three months will be on the brink of closure if financial entities execute their loans. It requires an effort. Specifically, that they do not cancel loans to companies with a UK Phone Number List turnover of more than 100 million to avoid new bankruptcies such as Pescanova. Panrico. But this injection of liquidity from financial institutions that keeps these companies away from bankruptcy will not come for free. As has learned from financial sources familiar with the process, one of the demands that the Government will impose .

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