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In case of refusal of timely voluntary deportation the department can turn to the police for help. Responsibility for carrying out the deportation procedure rests with the border control so the deportation is handled by the German Federal Border Police. In addition the state authorities can also issue a deportation order for up to months. The right to appeal a government decision Foreigners who have been refused asylum have the right to submit a complaint to the administrative court to challenge the decisionBAMF. If the appeal is rejected the person has one week to appeal the decision. Ihor Usyk head of Visit Worlds legal department For a safe move to Germany obtaining refugee status and employment use the advice of an international lawyer.

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For your comfort and safety in Germany. How to avoid deportation from Germany No one wants to be in a situation of deportation so it is important to follow the laws and rules of stay in the country. Here are some tips that can help you avoid Mexico Phone Number List deportation from Germany . Keep an eye on the validity period of the documents. It is important to always ensure that your visa or residence permit is updated on time. Pay attention to the validity period of the documents and apply for an extension in time . Provide truthful information. Never attempt to submit forged documents or provide false information when applying for refugee status.

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Obey the law and avoid engaging in any criminal activity. Any crimes can lead to deportation . Follow the conditions of residenceith the residence Mexico Whatsapp Number conditions specified in your residence permit. For example if you have the right to work do not work illegally . Cooperate with departments. If you have questions about your status or other legal issues it is best to seek help from the appropriate agencies and attorneys. Cooperation can help solve problems without deportation . Comply with migration laws. Learn and comply with German immigration laws. Knowing your rights and responsibilities can prevent violations.

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