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To work seek legal help. If you have legal questions or doubts about your status it is best to seek the services of lawyers. Requirements for a work visa in Slovakia how to get a work permit Work Residence permit SLOVAKIA Share Requirements for a work visa in Slovakia how to get a work permit Foreign citizens who want to get a job in Slovakia must apply for a work visa. Find out more about the conditions for employment of foreigners in Slovakia what types of work permits exist in the country and other useful information about working in Slovakia for expats.

To work learn more about Slovakia

Learn more about Slovakia CLICK HERE Slovakia offers. A unique combination of cultural wealth picturesque landscapes and affordable living. The state also has a powerful system of education and health care. The cost of living is lower Brazil Phone Number List compared. To many European countries which allows you to live more comfortably. All these factors attract expats from different parts of the world here. Slovakia has an acceptable level of unemployment about . In the state there is a high demand for medical workers and construction workers as well as experienced programmers and engineers often find unskilled work.

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The majority of foreigners working

In Slovakia are citizens of the Czech Republic Hungary. To work Poland Romania Bulgaria Vietnam and China . In order to legally work in Slovakia a Brazil Whatsapp Number foreigner will need a certain list of documents. Which depends on the citizenship. How to get a work permit in Slovakia Details in our material. Conditions for employment of foreigners in Slovakia Citizens of the European Union EEA and Switzerland do not need to obtain any documents to work in Slovakia. All other expats must have a work permit for employment in the country the procedure for obtaining which consists of the following stages . Find a Slovak employer and sign an employment contract. Obtain a work permit in Slovakia.

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